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Green Flag

What is the Green Flag? This is an incentive program to prevent air pollution at the Port of Long Beach, California, on the U.S. West Coast. It recommends that vessels calling at Long Beach and Los Angeles slow down to 12 knots within 40 miles of the coast to reduce exhaust emissions. In 2015, all 12 of our vessels that called at U.S. ports received Green Flag awards.

Participate in the Green Flag Program (PDF)

Protection of the Marine Environment

Protecting the Environment is at the forefront of MOL Chemical Tankers’ operations. As a top-quality operator, we are committed toward conducting activities and business in an environmentally responsible manner while balancing and integrating economic values. We have worked uncompromisingly to achieve this and continue to have this focus, all the time.

IMO and the Environment 2011 (PDF)

Ballast water

We strictly comply with the guidelines regarding the regulations and control of ballast water issued by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Ballast Water (image)

Double Hulls

We strive to adopt double-hull vessels to prevent oil leakage. We use stainless steel cargo tanks to safely transport a wide variety of chemical cargoes.

Double Hull Diagram

Hull paints

We have been replacing tributyl tin (TBT) antifouling ship bottom paints with Tin Free (TF) coatings, to comply with rules and regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) aimed at protecting the marine environment.