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Sunny Ou
Assistant Manager (Asia-Middle East and Indian Ocean Department)

Having vast experience in the functions of operations and chartering, Sunny has attained great insight of the maritime industry. As a senior charterer, Sunny is able to make full use of his social skills and creativity to engage clients, brokers and colleagues. Outside work, he enjoys doing sports like badminton and cycling which grant him clarity of the mind.

“It has been a fruitful and challenging experience working here; coming from the palm oil industry to a chemical industry was a total eye opener to me. Strong support from fellow colleagues and management allows me to have new opportunities to explore into new trade routes.”

“Working in the Short-Sea Asia Department allows me to be creative with my marketing skills while sourcing and negotiating for cargoes. This also nurtures my attention to details in ensuring that our contracts are as discussed and agreed upon. Having one of the biggest stainless steel vessel fleets in South East Asia, ensures that I am never bored as I’m constantly on-the-go to maximise our usage of vessel space.”


Eddie Ng
Deputy General Manager (Asia-Middle East and Indian Ocean Department)

Eddie joined Tokyo Marine in 2008 as an assistant. Today, he oversees the middle east chartering team. Eddie and his team work hard to ensure that our fleet maintains a high level of safety while meeting the customer expectations. He advocates good communication and teamwork as these are essential in this ever-changing petrochemical industry.

“The work here encourages innovative problem solving and team work in our daily tasks. It is not a monotonous desk bound job and there are opportunities for you to travel and meet new people.”

Mami Uchida
Operator (Operations Department)

Uchida san joined Tokyo Marine after obtaining her degree in Japan. As part of the Group Planning department, she has been dealing with the formulation of budget and monthly closings. She enjoys life in Singapore, even though she has not been here for very long. Singapore’s culture of diverse ethnicity and local food, and nights out with her friends at our iconic Marina Bay area has been the highlights of her stay in Singapore.

“The company has given me a lot of great opportunities from the beginning, allowing me to gain knowledge and experience about the maritime industry as a member of Tokyo Marine. Although many projects and duties are challenging to me, I am happy to make all the effort to contribute, thanks to the thoughtful and motivating colleagues around me.”